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Updates from the Group

October 2019

Esha and Shreya gave lightning talks on their proposed projects at the Molecular Biosciences Cluster Retreat! Shreya's talk on the Indian microbiome project was voted Best Lightning Talk!

October 2019

Constanza presented her work at the Meeting of the Argentinean Association of Biological Anthropology in Jujuy, Argentina!

November 2019

Jovan wins a competitive Jeff Metcalf Fellowship Grant to support his undergraduate internship in the GenSCAPE Lab! Congratulations Jovan!

We have 2 full-time Human Genetics PhD students! Esha and Shreya passed their preliminary exams and officially joined the lab! 

September 2019

Excited to welcome three new lab members: Nagarjuna Pasupuleti (Research affiliate), Esha Bandyopadhyay (HG rotation student) and Jovan Stanisavic (RIBS Summer student).

June 2019

Shreya Ramachandran (HG grad student) starts her rotation project. Welcome Shreya!

April 2019

Dr. Constanza De La Fuente (postdoc) joins the group. Welcome Constanza!

January 2019

Maanasa joins the UChicago Human Genetics faculty.

October 2018

Happy lab-birthday to us - official opening of our new ancient DNA lab. Plus we debut on Twitter (@GenSCAPE_Lab)! 

May 2019

Our proposal to host a workshop in India titled “An Integrative Platform for Research on Human Evolution and Reconstruction of the Past in India" has been funded by UChicago Global and the UChicago Delhi Center. Thank you!

March 2019

Thanks to the Duchossois Family Institute at UChicago for pilot funds to support our new microbiome initiative in India.

December 2018

We had a great time co-organizing a workshop on Biological Applications in Archaeology in beautiful Leh, Ladakh with Dr. Niraj Rai (Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow, India) and Dr. Sonam Spalzin (Archaeological Survey of India, Leh, India)!

July 2019


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